• Fermentation technology
  • Permissible levels of alcohol in consumables for halal certification
  • Flavour and bioactive compounds in fermented products
  • Plant proteases and its potential application in industries
  • Microbial protease and its potential use in industries
  • Antimicrobial activity of herbal extract and its potential application as natural preservative agent
  • Functional and bioactive ingredients
  • In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of probiotics, prebiotics and nutritional bioactivities

Details of specific research areas for individual staff are shown in the Table below. The staff’s name is directly linked to their respective webpage.

Name   Research Area 
Husnul Azan b. Tajarudin (Dr.)
Fermentation, Biogas, Anaerobic digestion, Biological treatment for wastewater and solid waste, Bioprocess simulation, Environmental engineering
Lee Chee Keong (Dr.) Enzyme production (solid state and submerged fermentation process), Biofuel, Enzymatic deinking, Thermoplastic starch, Bioplastic, Submerged fermentation simulation
Liong Min Tze (Prof. Dr.) Probiotics, Health properties, Animal experimentation, Human clinical trial (GCP certified)
Mohammad Hafizi b. Abu Bakar (Dr.) Mitochondria, Cellular disease models, Metabolomics, Type 2 diabetes
Mohd Asyraf b. Kassim (Dr.) White biotechnology, Industrial microbiology, Algae biotechnology, Bioprocessing and biochemical conversion of renewable biomass, Biorefinery for biofuel and value added chemicals
Noor Aziah bt. Serri (Dr.)
Enzyme applications, Ester production, Domestic waste utilization
Rosma Ahmad (Assoc. Prof. Dr.) Food microbiology, Food product development, Enzyme and fermentation technology
Siti Baidurah bt. Yusoff (Dr.) Compositional analysis of biodegradable plastics by means of Reactive Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography, Bacteria fermentation for bioplastic production, Quantitative and qualitative analysis by Reactive Py-GC
Tan Joo Shun (Dr.) Biomanufacturing and bioprocessing of microbial bioproducts, Enzyme and fermentation technology, Biomass technology, Downstream processing and bioseparation, Process control and optimization, Bioprocess scaling-up
Wan Nadiah Wan Abdullah (Assoc. Prof.) Enzyme technology, Food microbiology, Fermentation technology
Wan Zafira Ezza bt. Wan Zakaria
Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD)