Research Collaboration


The School of Industrial Technology collaborates on research projects with many national and international research institutes and industries. In particular, there has been a focus on locating industrial partners to jointly carry out large research and development programs, leading to the commercialization of the product. This has been achieved through various schemes such as Technofund (previously IGS) or contract research. Below is the list of research collaborations that have been initiated and successfully conducted.


1. Joint research with Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS), 2007)

Title/Area            : Development of an ethanol production system using oil palm sap

Sponsor             : JIRCAS/NEDO
Researchers     : Dr. Y. Mori, Dr. F. Kawamura, Dr. A. Kosugi, Dr. Y. Murata, Dr. R. Tanaka, Assoc. Prof. Othman Sulaiman                                and Assoc. Prof. Rokiah Hashim and Dr. Rosma Ahmad

2. Joint research with Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS), 2006-2009)

Title/Area            : Production of functional materials from unused woody biomass by chemical process

Sponsor             : JIRCAS
Researchers     : Dr. F. Kawamura, Assoc. Prof. Othman Sulaiman and Assoc. Prof. Rokiah Hashim

3.Research collaboration for the extremophiles microorganisms from Indonesian volcanoes with extracellular enzyme activities (2007 - )

Title/Area            :     

Sponsor             :     
Researchers     : Dr Rosma Ahmad

4. Joint collaborative research with National Institute of Agricultural Research for Hokkaido Region (NARCH), Japan (since 2005)

Title/Area           : Physicochemical and functional properties of potato and sago starch

Sponsor            : JSPS and
Researchers    : Prof. Abd Karim Alias and Dr Takahiro Noda

5. Joint collaborative research with Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kagoshima, Japan (since 2005)

Title/Area            : Molecular studies of sago starch

Sponsor             : MOSTI
Researchers     : Prof. Abd Karim Alias, Dr Hanashiro and Prof. Takeda

The School welcomes enquiries from organisations wishing to sponsor or initiate collaborative research programmes with our academic staff. Here are some potential projects for collaboration:

  • A human trial to evaluate the hypocholesterolemic effectiveness of the developed synbiotic products in humans. (Dr Liong Min Tze).
  • Development of non-dairy based probiotics products, preferably via utilization of agricultural wastes. (Dr Liong Min Tze).
  • Any field related with fish and meat processing (Dr Nurul Huda).
  • Any field related with nutritional evaluation of animal based-products (Dr Nurul Huda).
  • Identification of types and functions of proteases involved during budu/ fish sauce production (Mrs Wan Nadiah Wan Abdullah).
  • Standardization of alcohol determination in foods and their halal status (Mrs Wan Nadiah Wan Abdullah).
  • Characterization and applications of hydrocolloids modified with sonication (Dr Cheng Lai Hoong).
  • Characterization and applications of polysaccharide – protein blends (Dr Cheng Lai Hoong).
  • Development of specialty adhesives that is heat, solvent and creep resistance (Assoc. Prof. Dr Poh Beng Teik).
  • Development of emulsion-based rubber adhesives (Assoc. Prof. Dr Poh Beng Teik).


On-going Collaboration with industries - 2010

  Academic involved
  (Project leader)

  Type of collaboration/
  work title


  • Assoc. Prof Dr Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim,
  • Prof Ir Mohd Omar Ab Kader
  • Prof. Norli Ismail
  • Assoc. Prof Dr Norhashimah Morad
  • Vermicomposting of canteen waste
  • Intel Technology Sdn Bhd
  • Assoc. Prof Dr Norhashimah Morad
  • Life cycle assessment on   semiconductor wafer
  • Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
  • Assoc. Prof Dr Anees Ahmad
  • Electrocoagulation of CMP
  •   wastewater
  • Silterra Malaysia Sdn/ Bhd.
  • Prof Ir Mohd Omar Ab Kader
  •   Supercritical fluid
  •   extraction of oil palm
  • Sime Darby Berhad
  • Prof Ir Mohd Omar Ab Kader
  •   Oil separation from palm
  •   oil mill effluent
  • Sime Darby Berhad
  • Prof Ir Mohd Omar Ab Kader

  Production of alum from
  aluminium dross

Sumimetal Industries Sdn Bhd

  • Prof Ir Mohd Omar Ab Kader
  •   Production of composite
  •   material from kenaf
  • Lembaga Tembakau Negara
  • Prof Dr. Norziah Mohd Hani
  • Utilisation of edible Malaysia seaweeds as functional ingredients in formulated meat composition and restructured fishery products.
  • Technical Advisor
  • Fisheries Research Institute Department of Fisheries Malaysia
  • Halloids (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Alias
  • Development of method to produce collagen hydrolyzate directly from sheep skin
  • Holista Colltech Bhd
  • Prof. Dr Azhar Mat Easa
  • Scientific advisor
  • Product development consultant
  • Technology advisor
  • Zhulian Corporation Bhd
  • Bif Dagang Sdn Bhd
  • Nutraceutixs Sdn Bhd
  • Dr Cheng Lai Hoong
  • Assoc. Prof Dr Nurul Huda
  • Prof Dr. Teng Tjoon Tow
  • Research grants
  • Malaysian Sugar Manufacturing Kuok Foundation Bhd
  • MSM Research Fund
  • Assoc. Prof Dr Baharin Azahari
  • Latex based mould cleaning product
  • Cape Technology Sdn Bhd