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Environmental Technology

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Aim and Objectives of Program

The aim of the program is to produce graduates with expertise in environmental technology to meet the national needs in various industries.

 The objectives of the program are to produce graduates:

  • who are competent and professional in their respective fields.
  • who are mature, ethical, with analytical skills and ability to plan and communicate well.
  • with leadership and social skills and able to propose solutions to specific problems encountered.
  • who are able to identify the importance of lifelong learning to meet professional and personal goals.
  • with high entrepreneurial skills, with the ability to venture into new innovative businesses.

Courses Offered

The program consists of courses that fall into technology (blue), science (green) and management (red) themes as shown in the pie chart below. The three-area sizes of the chart correspond to emphasis given to each theme.

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Core Courses (72 units)

  Introduction to Environmental Science
  Introduction to Environmental Technology
  Chemical Process Calculations
  Process Fluid Mechanics
  Process Heat Transfer
  Mass Transfer and Separation Processes
  Environmental, Safety and Health Legislation
  Treatment and Management of Solid Waste
  Treatment and Management of Scheduled Wastes      
  Environmental Technology Laboratory
  Air Pollution Control Technology
  Noise and Vibration Control Technology
  Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
  Equipment Design for Water Treatment

Elective Courses (48 units)

  Basic Ecology 
  Environmental Management
  Environmental Audit
  Hydrology of Catchment Area 
  Geographical Information Technology
  Society and Environment Project
  Environmental Forensics
  Environmental Bioindicator
  Indoor Environment

Career Opportunities

There are many careers that require knowledge of Environmental Technology, from the specialized environmentalists to decision-makers and enforcers. Field workers comprise of environmental evaluators, assessors, auditors, consultants, and researchers. Decision-makers include regulatory and government officials, environmental system managers, as well as advisors to various environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO).

The table below shows some examples of career prospects for Environmental Technology graduates.

Job titles/options

Environmental officer, Engineers, Managers, Advisors, Consultants, Assessors, Auditors, Researchers, Environment and Safety officer.

Typical job responsibilities

Depending on the job title, the environmentalist is engaged in various aspects of the chosen environmental concern. For example, as an Environmental Auditor, the environmentalist’s job is to audit facilities in accordance to related environmental regulations. This may include taking samples and sending them for analysis. The environmental auditor may also be engaged in auditing environmental management systems. In many industrial sectors, the environmental manager is the one in charge of ensuring that compliance to regulations are met. Hence, the environmental manager is usually the one who initiates projects that make certain that the facility complies to the rules. For instance, the environmental manager may design, implement and monitor conservation program for the organization.

Typical requirement

a)B.Sc or B.Tech Degree in Environmental Science or Environmental Technology

b)Passion for the environment, problem solving skills, attention to detail, creativity, curiosity, honesty, optimism and leadership qualities.

Examples of hiring companies

Petrochemical, printing, textile to wood, food and other sectors in between. Regulatory bodies such as Department of Municipal Councils, Department of Drainage and Irrigation, Indah Water Consortium and Kualiti Alam.