Bioprocess Technology


Bioprocess Technology is the sub-discipline within Biotechnology that combines living matter, in the form of organisms or enzymes, with nutrients under specific optimal conditions to make a desired product. It is responsible for translating discoveries of life sciences into practical and industrial products, processes and techniques that can serve the needs of society. Bioprocess Technology is thus the backbone of the biotechnology industry that translates the research and development to the industries. The stages involved in Bioprocess includes the preparation stage of raw materials, substrates and media, the conversion state, biocatalysts, downstream processing, volume production, purification and final product processing. Graduates from this program will have the knowledge and skills to understand the fundamental bioprocess research and relate it to the relevant industries.


Course Offered

Core Courses 

  Chemical Process Calculations
    Innovative Product1      
  Process Fluid Mechanics 
  Process Heat Transfer
  Biology for Technologists
  Cell Biochemistry
  Fundamentals of Bioprocess Technology
  Industrial Microbiology
  Bioanalysis I & II
  DNA and Metabolite Technology
  Enzyme Technology
  Bioreactor Operation
  Bioprocess Instrumentation and Control
  Bioprocess Optimization and Simulation
  Downstream Process Technology
  Issues in Bioproses Technology
  Bioproduct Development
  Quality Assurance and Safety of Bioprocess Products 
  Statistics with Computer Applications
  Experimental Design with Computer Applications
  Bioprocess Technology Industrial Training
  Bioprocess Research project


Elective Courses 

  Renewable Biomass
  Practical in Cell and Tissue Culture Technology
  Fundamentals of Stem Cell TEchnology
  Food Bioprocess Technology
  Environmental Bioprocess Technology
  Society and Environment project
  Management of Halal Food
  Industrial Quality Management
  Industrial Waste Management
  Mass Transfer and Separation Processes                      
  Mathematics I
  Computer Applications in Industry
  Practical in Downstream Processing
  Practical in Bioreactor System
  Analytical Chemistry I


Career Opportunities

Graduates for Bioprocess Technology is needed in industries involved with the research, development, innovation and manufacture of biomaterials such as vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, food and agricultural products, and pharmaceutical supplements. The bioprocess industries which are parts of biotechnology is also involved with the production of alternative treatments products for diseases, the creation and evaluation of safer food materials, and the formulation of biodegradable and environmental-friendly chemicals. The majority of the graduates of bioprocessing industries will also be directly involved with manufacturing, monitoring and operating equipment, preparing fermentation media and reagents, and transferring materials for operational upgrading. Some may also be involved with the scientific, technical, training and business aspects of biotechnology companies.


The Table below shows some examples career prospect for Bioprocess Technology graduates.

Job titles/options

General job title: Bioprocess Technologist/Biotechnologist

a)Technical: product and process development; fermentation technologist; quality assurance and control executive

b)Production: Production supervisor/executive/manager

c)Commercial management: sales and marketing manager/executive; management trainee

d)Training/teaching and development; government regulatory bodies; researcher; scientist

Typical Job responsibilities

Product development: research, development and innovation of novel and safe products.

Process development: scaling-up of laboratory production and processes, for the production of materials at a cost- and energy-effective level.

Quality control or assurance: controlling and ensuring upmost quality of the biomaterials produced, often upon stringent trials and experiments.

Production: producing mass quantity of the biomaterials that meet the requirement of the consumers andlegislative bodies.

Marketing: Training, service and sales of products at both national and international levels.

Typical Requirement

a)B.S. or B.Tech Degree in Bioprocess Technology or Biotechnology (or other technical degree)

b)Relevant industries are often seeking employees with strong knowledge of the science and technologies involved in bioprocessing/biotechnology, are diligent and flexible, able to adapt, good problem-solvers, and could work effectively as team members and independently. Employees in the bioprocessing field are required to work well, able to pay attention to details, able to follow precise procedures, and should be passionate about their career.

Examples of some hiring companies

Agricultural Chemicals (M) Sdn.Bhd, Golden Hope Research Sdn Bhd, Guthrie Biotech Laboratories Sdn. Bhd, IOI Corporation Berhad, United Plantation Berhad, Euro Chemo-Pharma Sdn Bhd, Hovid Bhd, Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Craun Research Sdn. Bhd., Hunza Labs Sdn Bhd, Sime Darby Technology Center Sdn. Bhd, Herbal Science Sdn Bhd, Nilai Cancer Institute. More information could be obtained from the Malaysian Biotechnology Company Directory (