Environmental Technology

Prof Omar

Dr. Mohd Omar Abd Kadir
B.Sc (Miss. State), M.Sc (Miss. State), Ph.D. (Michigan Tech. Univ.), AIChE., MIEM, P.Eng.
Room No.: 106
Ext. No.: 2175
Email: akmomar@usm.my
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Supercritical extraction

Supercritical sterilization

Wastewater treatment for POME

Prof Norli

Dr. Norli Ismail
B.Sc (UPM), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D (USM)
Room No.: 164H
Ext. No.: 2824
Email: norlii@usm.my
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Water, wastewater, solid waste treatment technology and management

Prof Hashimah

Dr. Norhashimah Morad
B.Sc (Missouri), Ph.D. (Sheffield)
Room No.: 149
Ext. No.: 2236
Email: nhashima@usm.my
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New materials for biological and chemical treatment of wastewater



Life Cycle Assessment

Prof Hakimi

Dr. Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim
B.Sc (UMIST), M.Sc (UMIST), Ph.D. (UKM)
Room No.: 164B
Ext. No.: 2511
Email: mhakimi@usm.my
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Eco-process technology

Dr Yusri

Dr. Yusri Yusup
B.Eng (USM), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D. (UKM)
Room No.: 164C
Ext. No.: 5201
Email: yusriy@usm.my
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Data analysis

Eddy covariance

Air-land interaction

Air-water interaction

Air quality modeling

Dr Mardiana

Dr. Mardiana Idayu Ahmad
B.Tech (USM), M.Env (UKM), Ph.D. (Nottingham)
Room No.: 150
Ext. No.: 2214
Email: mardianaidayu@usm.my
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Energy technologies

Environmental management

Material and risk assessment

Building ventilation

Indoor air quality

Dr Harlina 2

Dr. Harlina Ahmad
B.Eng (USM), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D. (UPM)
Room No.: 164D
Ext. No.: 2537
Email: harlinaa@usm.my
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Environmental engineering, monitoring, and assessment

Dr Rafat

Dr. Mohd Rafatullah
B.Sc (AMU), M.Sc (AMU), Ph.D. (AMU)
Room No.: 129
Ext. No.: 2111
Email: mrafatullah@usm.my
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Analytical and environmental chemistry

Dr Jap

Dr. Japareng Lalung
B.Sc (UM), M.Sc (Oxford), Ph.D. (Leeds)
Room No.: 116
Ext. No.: 2108
Email: japareng@usm.my
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Environmental microbiology

Dr Syahidah

Dr. Syahidah Akmal Muhammad
B.Sc (USM), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D. (Otago, NZ)
Room No.: 118
Ext. No.: 5987
Email: syahidah.muhammad@usm.my
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Stable isotope fingerprinting

Chemical fingerprinting in environmental forensics

Environmental monitoring of organic contaminant

Dr Syakir

Dr. Muhammad Izzuddin Syakir Ishak
B.Sc (UKM), M.Eng (UTM), Ph.D. (Ottawa)
Room No.: 128
Ext. No.: 2110
Email: misyakir@usm.my
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Environmental isotopes

Green material technology for watershed management

Dr Widad

Dr. Widad Fadhullah
B.Sc (KUSTEM), M.Sc (UKM), Ph.D. (East Anglia, UK)
Room No.: 152
Ext. No.: 5202
Email: widad@usm.my
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Isotope ecology and ecological risk assessments

Dr Hafiidz

Dr. Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar
B.Tech (KUSTEM), M.Sc (NUS), Ph.D. (UKM)
Room No.: 121
Ext. No.: 2107
Email: mhafiidz@usm.my

Occupational safety and health

Dr Hani

Dr. Norhaniza Amil
B.Tech (USM), M.SafetySci (UNSW), Ph.D. (UKM)
Room No.: 151
Ext. No.: 2215
Email: norhaniza_amil@usm.my
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Particulate matter (PM) characterization: Chemical composition and particle number distribution (PNC)

Source apportionment of atmospheric aerosol

Atmospheric pollution and human health

Occupational health and safety

Dr Mark

Dr. Mark Harris Zuknik
B.Tech (USM), M.EST (AU), Ph.D. (USM)
Room No.: 124
Ext. No.: 6380
Email: zuknik@usm.my
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Supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction

Dr Anuar

Dr. Mohamad Anuar Kamaruddin
B.Sc (USM), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D. (USM)
Room No.: 122
Ext. No.: 5203
Email: anuarkamaruddin@usm.my

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Solid waste characteristics study

Water quality

Environmental management

Landfill technology

Waste diversion


Dr. Md Sohrab Hossain
B.Sc (NU-BD), M.Sc (UniMAP), Ph.D. (USM)
Room No.: 024
Ext. No.: 2216
Email: sohrab@usm.my

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Supercritical fluids technology

Solid waste management

Wastewater treatment


Dr. Khozema Ahmed Ali
B.Eng (USM), Ph.D (USM)
Room No.: 147
Ext. No.: 
Email: khozema@usm.my

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Reaction engineering

Air pollution monitoring and control


En Rizol

Rizol Md. Ariff
B.AppSc (USM), M.Sc (USM)
Room No.: 137
Ext. No.: 2113
Email: rizol@usm.my
Personal Website

Microbial treatment of industrial wastes