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Bioresource, Paper And Coatings Technology

Rozman b. Hj. Din
B.Tech. (USM), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Wales)
Room no.: 349
Ext: 2219
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  • Chemical modification of wood
  • Lignocellulosic-thermoplastics composites
  • Advanced/conventional wood composites
Wan Rosli b. Wan Daud
B.Sc., M.Sc. (Ohio), Ph.D. (UMIST)
Room no.: 315
Ext: 2354
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  • Environmental friendly pulping and bleaching of papermaking fibres
  • Cellulose derivatives
  • Biopolymers
DatukKhalil Abdul Khalil b. Shawkataly
B.F.Sc. (UPM), Ph.D. (Wales), FIWSc. (UK)
Room no.: 311
  • Bio composites
  • Hybrid composites
  • Nanotechnology and fibre science
  • High performance/conventional lignocellulosic composites 
Othman b. Sulaiman
B.Sc., MWPS (North Carolina State),
Ph.D. (Imperial College), DIC
Room no.: 314
Ext: 2241
  • Basic properties, quality and protection of plant biomass
  • Value added product from plant biomass
Rokiah bt. Hashim
DWT (UiTM), B.Sc., MWPS (North Carolina
State), Ph.D. (Imperial College), DIC
Room no.: 312
  • Basic study on properties of components of bioresources in relation to panel production
  • Functional components of plant biomass
Baharin b. Azahari
B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D. (CNAA-London)
Room no.: 310
Ext: 5215
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  • Modification of dipping method to produce latex products
  • Utilization of banana fibre powder as filler to produce biodegradable latex products
  • Production of water repellent
  • Packaging material from banana stem fibre and banana leaf
  • Production of composite packaging material from banana stem fibre
Leh Cheu Peng
Dip.Lab.Tech., B.Tech., Ph.D. (USM)
Room no.:338
Ext: 2147
  • Environmentallycompatible pulping and bleaching processes
  • High quality bleached pulp from non-wood lignocellulosic fiber
Dr Tay Guan Seng
Tay Guan Seng
B.Tech., M.Sc., Ph.D. (USM), Post Doc. (Japan)
Room no.:339
Ext: 2201
  • Lignocellulosic based polymer composites (thermoplastic and thermoset)
  • Chemical modification of lignocellulosic materials
  • Polyurethane research and UV curing technology
Arniza bt. Ghazali
B.App.Sc. (UniSA), M.Sc. (UPM), Ph.D. (USM)
Room no.: 328
  • Eco-friendly pulping of oil palm biomass
  • Fundamental study of alkaline peroxide reaction towards pulp and biomass
  • Pulp based products
mazlan Mazlan b. Ibrahim
B.Tech. (USM), M.Sc. (Virg. Tech.), Ph.D. (USM)
No. bilik: 341
  • Pulping and papermaking
  • Product development based on lignocellulosic of agro and industrial wastes
Firdaus Digital Photo
Mohd Firdaus b. Yhaya
B.Tech. (USM), M.Eng. (UTM), Ph.D. (UNSW)
Room no.: 342
Ext.: 5216
  • Angstromtechnology
  • Click chemistry
  • Controlled radical polymerization
  • Nanocomposite coatings
  • Radiation curing technology
  • Polymer synthesis and structural elucidation
Mohamad Haafiz Mohamad Haafiz b. Mohamad Kassim
DIP (UITM), B.Tech., M.Sc. (USM), Ph.D. (UTM)
Room no.: 328
Ext: 2203
  • Isolation and characterization of microcrystalline cellulose and cellulose nanowhisker
  • Cellulose and cellulose derivative
  • Pulp and paper making 
Dr Nurul Fazita Nurul Fazita bt. Mohammad Rawi
B.Tech., M.Sc. (USM) Ph.D. (University of Auckland)
Room no.:172
Ext: 4302
  • Natural fibre
  • Biocomposites and biopolymer
  • Manufacture and thermo forming of biocomposite sheets
  • Packinging material from biocomposites 
Azniwati Abd Aziz Azniwati bt. Abd Aziz
B.Tech., M.Sc. (USM) Ph.D. (Sydney)
Room no.:343
Ext: 6364
  • Synthesis and characterization of diblock copolymers
  • Self-assembly of amphiphiles
  • Synthesis and characterization of surface-active Janus particles
  • Utilising natural resources as surfactants in (mini)emulsion UV-curable coatings
Dr Arniza coordinates the IWK 307 course (Advanced Paper Technology – Instrumental Analysis for Pulp and Paper) since she first joined the school as an academic back in 2006. Besides IWK 307, she also shares teaching loads with her colleagues for courses like IUK 303 (Industrial Waste Management) and IWK 103 (Introduction to Pulping and Paper Making). In tandem with the needs to equip students with entrepreneurial skills, Dr Arniza Ghazali also facilitates the final assessment for WUS 101 for the school. In addition to these normal teaching loads, Dr Arniza also conducts research centralising around the alkaline peroxide mechanical pulping (APMP) techniques, encompassing both fundamental and applied aspects. Other than APMP of mainly non-wood, Dr Arniza’s research is also geared to the development of pulp derivative materials, as a way of maximising the knowledge of her M.Sc. research. She invites interested candidates to join her exploration as research fellow or graduate students. Besides teaching and researching, she's also an ardent fan of human building philosophies like NLP and ESQ. Learn more about Dr Arniza at: http://www.dr-ag.net/v1/