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    •  Human nutrition
    •  Nutritional biochemistry
    •  Nutrigenomic
    •  Food security
    •  Biostatistic
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    IMK 105 - Biochemistry

    IUK 208 - Experimental Designs with Computer Applications

    IMK 319 - Nutrition

    IMK 320 - Functional Food



    • Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and health benefits
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Neuropsychology
    • Food security
    • Recovery of secondary metabolites from agricultural biomass
    • Functional foods and infertility
    • Nutrigenomic


    National (at national level)

    • Disaster relief and preparedness: Nutritionally-balanced, cost effective, socially acceptable, and sustainable emergency food aid design: A vital strategy for disaster abatement
    •  Health and safety: Integrated assessment of water quality and microbial variability at the heavily flood affected area in Sungai Pahang river basin
    • Basin characteristics: Rainfall distribution in 5 states since 1967 flood until 2014 flood: Detecting the climate change effect
    • Governance for disaster risk reduction: Enhancement of standard operating procedures (SOP) on flood disaster awareness, preparedness, warning system, evacuation plan & institutional arrangements for flood risk management in the Sungai Pahang River Basin
    • Preparation of functionalized adsorbents from natural clays by physical, chemical and physio-chemical modifications: A fundamental investigation
    • Novel Technology for Eco-Friendly Bio-Retention Facilities
    • Sustainable Wetland Design Protocol for Water Quality Improvement

    University (USM)

    • Perceptions, Environmental Engagement and Its Relationship with the Psychological Well Being in an In-Campus Ecological Wetland Among Students in USM Engineering Campus
    • Development of Low Cost Carbon Adsorbents for the Remediation of Landfill Leachate
    • Preparation And Evaluation Of Functionalized Adsorbents For The Effective Treatment Of Pharmaceutical Residues And Hospital Contaminants
    • Evaluation of role of lycopene on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Glycemic control and oxidative stress status


    • Chow Yuh Nien (PhD) - Bioaccumulation of toxic contaminants in the water resources and food crops grown from the polluted urban runoff: A qualitative and quantitative assessment
    • Ooi Ee Shan (PhD) - Efficacy of Superheated Steam Technology for the Production of Functional Robusta Coffee:  Characterization, Toxicity  and Antioxidative Properties
    • Varastegani Boshra (PhD) - Production and characterization of Nigella sativa instant beverage powder and its effect on glucose digestion and body mass in long term on overweight and obese people
    • Seow Eng Keng (PhD) - Protocol development, oral processing, digestability and shelf life study of natural enzymatic dodol using raw honey as a halal source of amylase enzyme
    • Yoong Hui Qian (MSc) - Insight into The Urban Green Space Management Practice for The Sustainable Preservation of Eco-friendly Environment
    • Satesh A/L Balachanthar (MSc) - Development of a Sustainable Emergency Food Aid Plan for Disaster Relief and Preparedness
    • Azman Md Atiqul (MSc) - Microwave-assisted pasteurization technology for fresh milk: nutritional composition, microbial and organopesticides analysis
    • Leh Hui Eng (MSc) - Evaluation of the role of lycopene on Diabetes Mellitus: Glycaemic Control, cognitive function and oxidative stress




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