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Staff members of the School have been actively involved in various consultancies and contract research projects with various companies/agencies. These include Borden Chemical (M) Sdn. Bhd., Gutherie MDF, INTEL Tech. Sdn. Bhd., PASCORP Paper Industries, ZHULIAN Group of Companies, MAESTRO Swiss Management Services, Mahligai Kencana, CRAUN Research, Malayan Sugar Manufacturing, Hewlett-Packard, Sarawak Pepper Board and many others. The School offers a wide range of services targeted at Malaysian Food Industries based on the expertise and the experts available. Other services available include testing services and nutritional analysis of food products for nutrition labeling purposes.

Specific types of services are listed in the Table below.

  Service   Contact

  Biocomposites (thermoset and and thermoplastic) composites.               
  FRP (sewerage, water, and chemical storage tank.
  Humidity and temperature analysis.
  Wood and non-wood structure and properties.

  Abdul Khalil Shawkataly
  (Associate Professor)
  Room no./Tel: 336/2202        
  E-mail: akhalil@usm.my